Unified Communications
within Single App

A social media application with unified communications system that puts audio, video, instant messaging, and email within single app.

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Live Streaming

Explore and stream your world through our live streaming service. Check out the news, see new places, meet new people with common interests - interactively and in a real-time basis.

Experience the world outside your home from the comforts of your bed.

Take control of your stream, set your audience, choose who can watch your stream.

Live Seminar

Host or attend training and marketing seminars. Attend long distance business meetings with crystal clear audio & video quality.

Schedule and host seminars for a large audience directly, quickly, and easily.

Moderated (the host can choose allow audiences to speak in his stream).

Interactive discussion feature in a single interface.

Our application can run in the background so you can switch to another application during a seminar session.

Video Call

Don't just listen, watch!

Meet with up to 32 friends or family members via video call. Watch them smile and shed tears of joy when you told them about your upcoming wedding.

Unified Messaging

Create a group discussion with up to 100,000 members.

Share up to 50 MB of media files, videos, or any kind of documents.

Integrated email in a single interface for a unified communication experience.