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All about CPaaS

Palio Team | 2020-05-16 17:20:35

Leading companies are often defined by their ability to communicate both internally and externally, conveying everything from their strategic vision down to tactical execution with the same clarity, precision, and speed. Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), such as Palio, make the companies easier to securely reach their full communication potential.

Benefits of building mobile communications such as Text messaging is a great personal communication tool, but it is hardly appropriate in many business settings since it requires a secure communication channel that fits easily into their existing infrastructure and workflow. Imagine you’re using an online travel agency platform and you hit the wrong schedule and require technical support. Usually that means exiting the app in order to call or email your platform. Less than ideal, both for you as a consumer and for the travel agency. The travel agency also bears the costs of handling company communications through various channels.

CPaaS comes as a solution to build communications tools directly into enterprise apps, the ones your employees and customers are already using. Why bother going through third parties when you can engage with your customer directly? With integrated communications you can do more than just messaging, but also voice and video call, live streaming, screen sharing, and chatbot.

CPaaS is software that acts as a complete framework with everything, with CPaaS developers can quickly integrate communication features to their existing app very quickly, even Palio stated that everyone could implement features into their mobile apps within minutes.CPaaS software also serves as a back-end for communication, so developers don't need to build and maintain their own. 

Creating apps with CPaaS is both cheaper and faster than traditional development. It allows a business of any size to employ integrated real-time communications. No wonder the CPaaS market is currently on fire. Palio comes in as the first CPaaS provider in Indonesia and we believe that communication is the core of every successful enterprise. No matter what industry you work in, more communication means better.