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Enhance your Business with Video Call

Palio Team | 2020-06-11 15:39:24

As the quality of mobile networks improves and the increasing popularity of video call services like FaceTime, making a video call has become almost as natural as making a phone call or sending a text. Integrating video chat into your customer service is a logical way to communicate with customers.

Video isn’t just another channel. Video call significantly outperforms all other existing channels in the moments which matter most. Self-service tools such as chatbots or IVRs, or other lower-cost channels like text chat still have their place for more transactional tasks. But when it comes to handling a high-risk or high-potential situation, such as a customer who wants to terminate a subscription, nothing can beat video call. 

Video call gives you an opportunity to convert a high-value prospect whose profile matches specific criteria or who shows interest in a high-value product. Most importantly, through video call you can deliver your smile to your customer, it will improve customer experience. In a world that is more digital and where most interactions are faceless your consumers can get lost or frustrated. Video call helps you to build on the convenience of digital and bring the human touch back, with a significant effect on key customer experience metrics.

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