Effective Communication in a Business

Palio Team | 2020-05-16 17:12:23

Communication is one of the main aspects in building a brand or the business itself because it is connected with people both inside and outside your company. Effective communication strengthens the relationships between an organization and all of its stakeholders and benefits the organization in many ways; Effective problem solving; early warning of potential problems; boost productivity;stronger business relationship; clearer and persuasive marketing message; lower company turnover and improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

Urgency of communication skills

When you consider the incredible amount of time people spend communicating on the job, you will notice how important the value of communication is. One research, published in Business Outlook, based on the responses from over 1000 employers at Fortune 1000 companies found that employees send and receive an average of 1798 messages every day via mobile, email, faxes, papers and face-to-face communications. Some analysts have reported that the average business executive spends about 75% to 80% of the day on oral or written communication.

Lead to better chance of promotion

More than 90 percent of the personnel officials at 500 US businesses stated that increased communication skills are needed for success in the 21st century. Technical people with good communication skills earn more, and those who are weak communicators suffer. William Schaffer, international business development manager for computer giant Sun Microsystems, made the point emphatically: "If there's one skill that's required for success in this industry, it's communication.”

Training employees in communication for improved profitability

Whether you are competing to get a dream job or to win the customers, your success or failure depends to a large degree on your ability to communicate. Since your communication plays a key role to improve efficiency and quality, this is how communication leads your company’s success.