Connect with Your Customers at your Fingertips.

Embed live streaming, video call, voice call, and unified messaging into your mobile apps within minutes.

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Why bother going through third parties and risking customer data privacy when you can engage with your customer directly?
It’s Your Business. Your Customer. Your App. Now, it’s your turn to fully own them.

Live Streaming

Live video streaming service has revolutionized how businesses communicate with their customers to engage and maintain an open relationship with their audience.

Video Call

Why not let technology deliver that smiling face to your customers? You can even use IP PBX/Telepresence Service Integration if you want to.

Audio Call

Built-in voice calling features simplifies the customer service experience for both customers and your help desk. We also provide IP PBX/Telepresence Service Integration.

Unified Messaging

A text-based communication system that integrates e-mail, and IM in a single UI enriched with attachments and many more.

Screen Sharing

Allow users to share their screen with other users in real-time.


Chat-bot can be trained to respond to customer's question faster than humans and at any time of the day.


A collaborative tool to facilitate communication by allowing users to write and sketch on a shared whiteboard space.

Derivative Solutions Built On-Top of Palio Platform

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